Fundraising Tips

This year marks the 12th anniversary of our support of The Red Devils. In honor of that milestone, we are hoping for our best fundraising effort ever on behalf of The Red Devils. Over the course of 11 years we have raised more than $145,000 to benefit Maryland breast cancer patients and their families. We hope to break through to $160,000 this year.

Here are some tips you might find useful in raising funds to help achieve this year’s Pink Power goal.

    1. When you register and donate, create a users account so you can create your own home page with a photo or video telling why you are supporting breast cancer survivors and their families. The more you personal you make your donation request, the more successful you will be when you send your emails and​ ​post to social media.


    2. Reach out to friends, family and co-workers for donations– you could even form a team for them to join.


    3. Let people know that gifts on any size are welcome and will make a difference. $10 from ten people is $100!


    4. Emphasize that even if they can’t attend Pink Power, they can still make a donation, and that we will still be accepting donations through the month of October.​ ​Many donations have come in from non-Maryland residents.


Thank you for supporting The Red Devils. Together we can make a difference.