About Our Sponsors

“As a breast cancer survivor, I know that many of the victories are won in the trenches. A day when you didn’t have to get groceries or figure out how you can afford and get to treatment is invaluable. Pink Power is a salute to The Red Devils for their role in supporting breast cancer survivors and their families, and a celebration of the lives of those who passed. Your fundraising and donations are priceless.”
Charmaine Gordon,Owner synergyfxfit.com

“Howard Bank and I support The Red Devils because of the consistent, compelling and transformative hands on support they give to women and their families to deal with the life disrupting consequences of a breast cancer diagnosis. For us, creating communities of support is a priority.”  
Mary Ann Scully,Chairman & CEO howardbank.com

“Breast cancer survivor 20 years this year. Over the journey, I have raised over $80,000 for the cause. Although I moved to Arizona one year ago. I am traveling to Maryland to  support SynergyFx and  The Red Devils. A great organization and impact with breast cancer. “
Dr. Mindy Dice-Shah Dentist and Breast Cancer Activist

“This is my 12th year supporting the Pink Power fundraiser for The Red Devils. Last year, my cousin passed away from breast cancer. She was only 47; she left behind a husband and 4 children. Unfortunately, they did not have family close by to help nor did they have an organization like The Red Devils for support. Not only was she dealing with the burden of costs associated with treatments, but also trying to get to treatments. She did all this while running a household and raising kids. I continue to support The Red  Devils because I know they would have made a huge difference in my cousin’s life.”
Dr. Carol Baltazar,Owner lmsmedspa.com

“The Red Devils are an incredible organization providing much needed support and piece of mind for breast cancer survivors and their families. We are proud to be a long term sponsor of Pink Power: all proceeds to The Red Devils.”
Janet Reeder,Owner proscan.com